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Ten Taboos Of Home Decoration Feng Shui, You Know?

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016


Introduction to Seer with kitchen and toilet

Getting started will see the living room, or returned. All House, entry will see the living room. Modern architectural design, sometimes in order to take into account the spatial configuration, a door are often the first to see the kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. This is taboo yangzhai, counterintuitive, living among them, Jia Yun will decline.

Taboo II

Bed placement should not move towards the West

Placement of the bed headboard should not move towards the West, because the Earth is shifted from East to West, head to the West, didn't sleep well; not a mirror, because the people halfway between awake and easily scared by the image in the mirror.

Taboo III

Porch ceiling is not low

Porch is like the human body's throat, its very important role in Feng Shui. Many door see living room formed Hall evil, to block evil set Xuan shut, but Xuan shut ceiling should be high should not be low, too low will to people a oppression sense, in Feng Shui in the belongs to inauspicious of trillion, symbol with family difficult has out shut, was by oppression constraints; in addition, decoration Xuan shut of at Shi, cannot using mirror glass, has reflection of mirror usually cannot oriented door, such will will home in the of wealth was reflection out.