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Summer Decorating Guide Early Summer Color Cool Skillfully Home Coolin

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016

Summer cool scene: cool blue

Wall light blue and white tone make for more fresh and natural, due to the cold have reduced visual effect, making the room appear more spacious. If you think all paved with patterned wallpaper is too loud, a bright blue and white striped rug is very well decorated, highly decorative, creating a thematic wall.

Wall color schemes:

Light blue, ranged between blue and cyan, known for a tint. This refreshing color appears more and more at home, especially the people who want to create a family-friendly summer cool, blue is the essential choice. Blue hue makes the human mind is quiet high. Apartments in blue color, while cool colors such as white, atmosphere or intellectual, charming, romantic, will let you silly mind calm, cool elegant blue and white, and is the most pure and beautiful.

Summer cool scene: bright yellow

The space soft colors, pale yellow walls white furniture is very prominent, ample light for indoor and lively. Indoor furniture-style vintage, beautiful arc more elegant, classic shape of thick texture for interior points.