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Implementation SIPs Prefab House Plan Of Green Building Action In Beijing

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

Implementation SIPs Prefab house Plan of Green Building Action in Beijing

to promote the industrialization of SIPs prefab housing

In accordance with the principle of combining force and encouragement to promote the industrialization of housing. Apply for the use of its own land construction of affordable housing, yes

City affordable sips housing investment construction management center to invest in public rental housing, central city population eclipses resettlement housing projects, etc., should be based on residential industrial standards for construction. Each year to arrange part of the commodity housing land for the construction of industrial housing and full renovation of residential, the scope of implementation by the industry authorities in a timely manner to adjust. Urban housing construction, development and reform, finance, planning, land and other departments, to the comprehensive use of land supply, project projects, area incentives and other means to promote the project floor, do a good job of project design review and quality acceptance and other aspects of supervision. Encourage the construction of rural housing in an industrial way. City planning, housing urban and rural construction, economic information, quality supervision and other departments, to speed up the supervision, including design, construction, parts production and other aspects of the housing industry standard system to promote the standardization of parts, the Department of serialization and generalization, And assembly technology to improve the level of technical integration. Promotion of building information model management technology, city planning, land sector in the project planning and land bidding and auction conditions to clear the full decoration requirements, and the whole decoration design as an important part of the construction drawings review, so that the main structure of the renovation project Design, synchronous construction and simultaneous acceptance. 2015, the new affordable housing is basically the use of industrial construction, the basic realization of the new residential decoration, industrial housing not less than 15 million square meters.

to speed up the green building related technology research and development promotion

The city finance and science and technology departments to protect the capital investment, support the price of green construction common and key technology research and development, strengthen the green building integrated technology system, according to local conditions to develop and promote the city's green building planning and design technology, building information model integrated optimization technology, Building energy efficiency improvement and energy optimization configuration technology, water resources comprehensive utilization technology, indoor and outdoor environmental health protection technology, new prefabricated assembly integration technology, green building materials complete sets of application technology, green construction technology, green rural residential local resources utilization technology. Strengthen the green building technology standard pipe research, green building technology to carry out the integrated demonstration. Relying on institutions of higher learning, research institutions, etc., to speed up the green building She Yong technology to promote the directory Drink construction Liangyu technology innovation to promote the project, the city development and reform departments issued energy-saving low-carbon products recommended directory.