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Green Wallpaper Is Environmentally Friendly

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016

Identification wallpaper of bad pros and cons, first see wallpaper surface of color whether uniform, whether colored poor and infiltration color, and fuzzy phenomenon,, usually pattern more clear more good; second is see weaving number and delicate degrees, main for no spinning cloth and wall covering,, must see pros and cons on both sides, usually surface cloth lines density more high, is description quality more good, can through wallpaper shop of samples see wallpaper of interface, general paper quality wallpaper interface poor, turned more has interface will has wear raising phenomenon.

Wallpaper environmental protection, does not depend entirely on plain paper or PVC coated wall paper, and more paper itself. Many enterprises are now imported raw natural plant fibers in paper or foil, no pollution. Wallpaper is environmentally friendly. We usually say plain-paper wallpaper green, is that it was abandoned after can be absorbed by the soil, now we all pay attention to environmental protection, maintaining nature.

Can not simply price discriminate wallpaper quality. Now many wallpaper price high have scary, even reached thousands of Yuan a volume, so more need consumers more understand some selected wallpaper of expertise, in selected of when to more water wipe a wipe, and with fire a burn, more for compared, selected to real high quality, and low price of wallpaper, especially to learned identification real of wood fiber wallpaper, wood fiber wallpaper is wallpaper in the of Acura, has high environmental, and high breathable, and resistance scrub, and coloring steady, many advantages.