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Development Of Prefabricated SIPs Construction House In Beijing Into The Fast Lane

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

Development of prefabricated SIPs  construction house  in Beijing into the fast lane

Beijing will accelerate the development of assembly-style buildings, promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. By 2020, Beijing will achieve the assembly of buildings accounted for the proportion of new buildings to achieve more than 30% of the target, so that assembly-style construction has become an important way to build one.

All three types of projects are equipped with assembly

Beijing 's affordable house and government investment in new sips buildings will be fully equipped with assembly - style buildings;

Through the SIPs bidding and auction way to obtain the city six districts and Tongzhou District, the scale of the construction of 50,000 square meters (inclusive) of the state-owned land use rights of commercial housing development projects will all use assembly-style buildings;

In other districts and the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone to obtain the scale of the construction of 100,000 square meters (or more) of state-owned land use rights of commercial housing development projects are all using assembly-style buildings.

5 major measures to ensure the achievement of goals

1, do a good job SIPs project implementation. To the land supply as the starting point, in the planning approval, the project project, construction drawings review, construction permits, project acceptance and other aspects of the record to strengthen supervision and guidance to ensure that the objectives and tasks to achieve.

2, to promote the development of the industry. Accelerate the improvement of assembly-style building standards, promote the integrated design, assembly of the construction, integration of decoration, rational distribution of prefabricated components manufacturing enterprises to support parts parts manufacturers to improve the variety and specifications to guide enterprises to develop applicable technology, equipment and equipment, Building materials applications.

3, innovative management model. The construction contract, the construction license, the subcontract management, the project cost, the quality and safety supervision, the completion acceptance and so on the system, realizes the engineering design, the component parts production, the production contract, the construction contract, the contractor, Construction and procurement of unified management and deep integration, optimize the project management.

4, vigorously develop SIPs structure. Government investment unit floor construction area of 10,000 square meters (inclusive) or more of the new public buildings should be steel structure, the implementation of the assembly within the scope of the building floor area of 10,000 square meters (inclusive) or more social investment in the new public Construction should adopt steel structure. Schools, hospitals, railway stations, airports, sports venues and other public buildings and industrial buildings should give priority to the use of steel construction.

5, increase policy support. Implementation of the area calculation, area incentives, financial incentives, tax incentives, housing pre-sale, research, financial credit and support and other support policies.

Assembled buildings are a major change in the way they are built

Development of assembly-style buildings, not only help to further improve the quality and efficiency of construction projects to promote energy conservation, more conducive to nurturing new industries and new construction team to promote the construction industry information construction, construction is a major change, but also to build the capital An important way to build a fine project.