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Decoration Will Make Your Home Space Get Bigger?

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016

Higher things

If you have a small corner of the room, can take advantage of the local installation on the wall foldable table for dinner--this is most people can think of. But you can also give this space a platform, so that the whole dining area elevated 20 cm, and invisible drawers can take a lot of items on the bench.

Floor can be laid above a beautiful carpet, hanging on the roof of a delicate light, may also have a beautiful curtain, this romantic and practical.

Second, thicken things

If a small piece of the wall, you're going to use the paintings decorating, so might as well in accordance with the size of your picture frame to make a small flat cabinets hung on the wall and hang the picture up. Similarly, the vanity mirror in the bathroom, then you can create a mirror cabinet, mirror closet doors.

Instead of three, with a storage cabinet TV wall

In order to increase storage space, owners can use lockers to replace video wall, which increases the storage space, and can save money TV background wall decoration, very useful.