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Decoration Company's 6 Largest Feline Only Professionals Know A Thing!

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016

Decoration company gamed 1----engineering subcontracting

Sub layer, layer less profit. But remember that the wool of sheep. Therefore, subcontracting must not select engineering decoration company.

In practice, the owners could consciously ask about workers ' wages? who? if not a company but a foreman, then subcontract is very high.

Feline 2----design of the decoration company

Many companies claim to free design. But keep in mind that design is a service designer is to bring home the bacon. Seemingly saved design fee is actually to the secondary materials, improve the auxiliary unit, so when it comes to increasing at the expense of owners.

Decoration company gamed 3----repair quote

Offers detailed, there is an obvious leaking, showing the brand and specification of materials.

Yourself to know the average price in the market, especially utilities and painted parts, which is a decoration company's profits.

Decoration company gamed 4----whether to accept regular supervision

If you do not accept, that lack confidence in their construction. Owner can print specifications, control code to check for their construction.

Decoration company gamed 5----visit site

Check nude works, rubbish is cleared up, specification for construction site clean and tidy. Pungent eye-catching stage carpentry and painting into households, so as to check whether the material specification. Want to know the reputation of the company ask owners of renovated.

Decoration company gamed 6----other decoration companies

The decoration company if rubbished other decoration companies, chosen. If they can issue critical views can be taken into account.