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China Architecture Society SIP Prefab Construction Industry Modernization Development Committee

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 21, 2017

From the beginning of the two sessions grams of prime minister directly to the assembly of the building into the government work report, to September 27 this year, the State Council Document No. 71, and then to November 19 held in Shanghai, the national assembly of the General Assembly, no doubt, the assembly of the sip building has been Rise to national policy. So, we can position 2017 years as a reorganization of assembled buildings.


See today's national construction industry progress, both happy, but also anxious. There are three things to worry about:

First, how much domestic prefabricated construction of our city? In recent years, the living conditions of the residents have greatly improved, the living area has expanded many times, the house is not just the necessities of life, and become profitable investment goods. If the state to curb such a bubble, the introduction of policies to tighten the construction, how can the rapid development of our construction industry will not be affected? Now the assembly is mainly in the standard design of the higher degree of affordable housing to open, the other building has just begun trial, hurriedly all of a sudden high-profile spread, will not "porridge more monks less"


Second, the sip construction of industrial technology and traditional construction methods are very different, our technical strength is clearly lacking. 60 years ago, China's tertiary institutions with concrete prefabricated components of professional, that generation of graduates are already old, and now many places do not know to engage in prefabricated house components of the engineers to understand the material science, sip building structure, machinery and equipment, no technology Training, that there will be development and innovation of the reserves? Related to the industrial chain of hardware and software construction is still very weak, practitioners planning management, technical and practical experience is also lacking. Our prefabricated houses factories were built up, but there was no management approach to such entities in the country. We had to follow the method of big pot, contract system and professional subcontract, which was far from the real industrialization and seriously affected the quality of the industrialization project.


Third, our prefab house building team of workers is clearly not keep up with the needs of industrial development, they are the most junior labor, take a day of money, do one day live. I was 30 years ago to build the first domestic production line in the United States, every morning before the start of product performance, after get off work with the original manual to explain the production line to the workers. Have just entered the plant mechanics through work and study, actually in a few years after the improvement of imported equipment, even the original US engineers are admired. The mechanic finally did the factory manager until he retired. In the social impetuous today, how can train such a craftsman? Do we have the patience to use their own knowledge to train the next generation of successors?


In the past there is no attention in the past, I am all the way in the advocacy, in the promotion, and now the situation is fiery, I'd remind the cool, do not impulse, do not see the wind is the rain, and then overcapacity, the loss of the country, the people.