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Balcony Decoration Needs To Pay Attention To What Issues?

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016

1, no matter what effect you want, balcony bearing first needs to be considered is the question. If the owners weighing the balcony is limited, any too cumbersome method of decoration is in vain.

2 consider drainage and waterproofing is the second factor to be considered owners because terrace exposed to the large outdoor area, once you experience rainy weather there may be water or poor drainage conditions, very waterproof tested a balcony at this point, so no matter what owners want to d├ęcor, the drainage, water is to be preferred.

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3, the wind force is also an owner needs to consider, met when extreme weather, if it didn't take into account wind force and so on, may well lead to damaged decorative effects, so owners need to strengthen and ensure the attachment structure stronger.

4, some owners like planting some flowers and plants on the balcony, living home decor House Assembly experts remind, flowers should be higher species of insect resistance, while the owners themselves should also plant pest control work to prevent ants infestation.

5, most of the balcony is artificial lighting, so be sure to pay more attention to water leakage, install leakage open and close is also very necessary.