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5 Home Feng Shui Feng Shui Over How To Resolve The Leak-proof Money-rich

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016

Cobwebs in the corner of the family, or a leaking toilet, kitchen, to find a quick cleanup and repairs, or make you endless drain of money, life has been in a downward spiral.

Walls cracked, or peeling paint, wall cancer ... And also try to quickly mend fa├žade finishing a home, so as to restart, allow you to have good fortune.

Money everywhere, in order to gather money, their personal belongings, a lot of people bought the safe, thought it was just fine, the God of wealth ever lived. In fact, houses location is about, if you put the money in failure, other suitable location, rather than money, then your safe money as much as possible leakage.

Home door pattern and has the products, to find a way to break out, will not have been in debt, you can hang a series of yellow in the middle of three wind-Ling to defuse, ideally with a curtain to prevent leaking money. Words: just three doors, a toilet door (or door) and two door relative, such as a Word.

Small family housing for indoor small space, like the lung capacity is small, so when his front door and on the opposite side of the door is a straight line, close door to door, in case of households across interior space than its big (vital capacity), represents the door to door this distance space field, will be absorbed by the opposite one.