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Multi-channel extension promote the development of construction industry

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016

In recent years,, Huanggang City, through strong joint, and combination, big do strong building enterprise, basic formed has "to rivers group, and Hubei Changan, and Hubei yuhuan, Super, and level building enterprise for leading, a large number of two level building enterprise for Echelon" of building industry development mode, radiation led has city more than 400 more than enterprise "hold mission development", part enterprise has from single room built mainly, to steel, and municipal public, and water, direction development.

It is understood that in 2015 the city's total volume of 85 billion yuan in construction industry, achieved added value of 14 billion yuan in the construction industry, including construction volume of over 10 billion yuan and 1, 5 billion yuan and 1. Huanggang construction scale, qualification levels and production counties in Hubei province ranks first in the construction industry, the construction industry, Huanggang City, has become one of the most influential industry.

So far this year, Huanggang City, according to the Office of housing and urban-rural construction and the provincial housing and urban-rural construction requirements, Huanggang City, pending the Government's views on accelerating the construction industry modernization, establish joint conference system at the municipal government level, all relevant departments in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, strengthening cooperation and coordination.

"Through planning, technical guidance, model, guide, social promotion and establishment of coordination mechanisms such as monitoring and evaluation. And the formation of modern construction industry Committee of experts, set up by industry experts such as design, product, construction group, responsible for project evaluation and other aspects of technical control and service guidance, strive to more solid steps towards modernization of the construction industry. "Huanggang City Housing and urban and rural construction Commission official told reporters.