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Material environmental protection is a green renovation? Think too simple

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016

We usually always materials environmentally friendly green renovation and the two concepts are confused, in fact, eco-friendly materials does not mean certain standards of indoor environment, even if you are environmentally friendly material for decoration, indoor environmental pollution still inevitable, if you want a healthier environment at home, in the decoration process from these aspects, you can gradually build a good environment.

1. rainy days do not paint

For wood products, whether it be brushing varnish is a mixture, be sure not to brush in rainy. Rainy day construction teams to do something else, or even a suspension for two days.

2. ventilation, prevention of pollution from decoration

In order to avoid the House decoration pollution "peak period" harm, except to use less toxic and poisonous materials, outside the formal construction home improvement company, also want to decorate the room ventilation and air purification. Where conditions permit, case and try to get room ventilation without such conditions, the choice of ventilation equipment and air purifier that can reduce harmful gas.

3. Remove musty

Home improvement happen in latex paints because did a slow, musty taste problems in hot weather. In this regard, the decoration company's general approach is the air conditioning dehumidifiers, draining moisture from the air, furniture door does not close, to maintain it. Decoration, will experience problems with odors out, affecting people's health. Mud commune's suggestion is that renovation swing plants, or in the room two or three lemons or oranges, bananas, can receive quick results.

4. wallpaper, paint should be natural shade

Paint and wallpaper are common decorative wall materials. Because the air is moist in the spring, open doors and Windows as soon as possible in order to let the wall dry ventilation. Summer is different, because dry, so wallpaper in paving the former General to be soaked in water, then brush plastic tile. If it opens doors and Windows, just paving a good wallpaper to blow "drafts", wallpaper because of rapid water loss and shrinkage deformation.