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Home lighting 12 rules protect adults and children vision (2)

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016

6, to avoid light flashing

Blinking light blinking is not only our visible, sometimes light although people do not perceive, but it will have great implications for vision, so purchase high quality and stable product is the first condition of lighting choices, stable source of vision and mood can bring a sense of stability, avoiding the mood of anxiety.

7, keep the light distribution

People in contrast to the strong light switch requires a certain amount of time in the position, interior light if not evenly distributed, through the different lighting conditions also caused fatigue damage strength of light to the eye, so the light distribution requires uniform and stable as possible.

8, reducing the use of strong light

Light used in the family try to keep a soft, glare, especially direct sunlight light damage to eyesight larger, and diffuse light source on the premise of ensuring that light is bright enough, and are good for your eyesight protection.

9, interior layout

Interior layout and design related not only to the beauty of home decoration, but also affects the lighting of the health problem, reasonable arrangement of the furniture not only provides a facility for life, but also brings vision and environment.

10, less bed-mounted lamps

Home Interior appearance and easy to use, in the nightstand lamp, but in the case of dark eyes suddenly contacted local strong light sources, impact on the vision is very large, so avoid the nightstand lamp, is also key to eye protection.

11, the acquisition of Matt furniture

Smooth furniture surfaces contribute to the reflection of light, as with smooth walls, high reflectivity has a greater impact on eyesight, but Matt furniture can change for the better light transmission and vision protection.

12, the right furniture

Home furniture note do not affect the natural lighting, but also to ensure the rational distribution of light, not furniture light intensity distribution affects the layout of indoor light.