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Home lighting 12 rules protect adults and children vision (1)

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016

1, to avoid strong light

The first step in improving the lighting in the home is a good condition of wall decoration, is the reflected light up part of the walls, in the decoration, needs to take into account light reflection to the Visual impact of the wall, so when we decorated the walls should be "simple, light, pattern" three as a benchmark.

2, reduce the wall color

Compared to the bright visuals, the most simple one-color walls can protect Visual acuity, light tones matching to avoid indoor sense of blinding light, and also reduces the possibility of distracting, but at the same time, Interior colors cannot be "too white", smooth pure white wall light reflection coefficient is very high.

3, rough walls due

The wall decoration, "the smoother the better" sometimes become home of the myth that walls the appropriate lines and up and down can diffuse reflectance of interior lighting and sound, effectively reducing interior noise and light pollution, is to protect the vision of excellent choices.

4, the use of natural materials

Different wall decoration materials for Visual effects also vary, traditional tiles and wall paint reflects light and strong, and wallpaper than wall paint is more diffuse, and diatoms natural materials like mud, natural texture is deep, protect eyesight can also take an indoor pollutants.

5, choosing the right lamp

When it comes to eye protection in the lighting, the natural lighting is the protagonist, generally speaking, the lights that are installed in ceiling lights, chandeliers, spotlights and other forms of light intensity and color are very different, so when choosing lighting, but also from the perspective of vision health, choosing the right product.