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Experience in bathroom fixtures

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2016

1, in order to facilitate cleaning or the pots, clean up above counter basin is dead good pain;

2, bathroom hardware must choose big brand, though did not see differences, but using the time difference was obvious, good plating metal pieces a little wipe clean as new, plated differential scale is difficult to remove;

3, toilets still have to choose a large brand, reasons as above, appears is white, glazed difference is very big, with space for a long time felt;

4, now the units are very compact, toilet universal 3~4 square meters, what not to do when he was young and parquet, even more of the small, brick colors and patterns as simple as possible;

5, bathroom moisture, no curtains, wardrobe malfunction can choose the window sticker;

6, likes to dress and act in front of bathroom cabinets a Zoom lens, very helpful!

7, do not install the warm bath of baby, will stimulate the baby's eyes, you can choose air-heating or simply install plumbing (budget can hold live case is to make families comfortable).