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BIM sip prefabricated green house construction building in china market in future

Jiangxi Kinying Industrial Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

BIM technology in the application of sip prefabricated house is the Chinese meaning of BIM building information model, it is the process of sip construction planning, design, survey, construction, operation and then coordinate the whole process of maintenance, improve the quality and efficiency of them, this is a sip system engineering, is not a software.In the construction of the whole life cycle, designers, builders, property management division, etc can be sharing information in the above, the parameters for modeling and digital.Building information model is a series of advantages: sustainability design, sip green construction, reduce carbon emissions to achieve low carbon, guarantee the quality of construction, etc.In the 2 d building, the use of BIM technology, not only has great advantages in the prefabricated sip house, also can reflect the information of building, building informatization development and the future direction of social development.How to apply and use good building information model in order to promote the industrialization of prefabricated house, designed for building green exploration into the high-tech power is current research hotspot